Are you looking to submit your work?

General: When submitting work, please understand that we’re looking for unpublished pieces. We’re okay with simultaneous submissions, just let us know if your work has been accepted at another place so we may withdraw your submission from our workload. We’re a small publication with limited personnel, so give us a month to three months to reply. We consider your work just as important as you do and wish to go over it thoughtfully. If you don’t hear from us within that time, email us!

Genres and Subgenres: Fiction, fantasy, high fantasy, horror, thriller, weird, new weird, new age.

We are open for submissions until 12/7/2017 and will be accepting an array of works. Note that we are entitled to reject a piece if it is graphically pornographic, overtly racist, or highly political. If we feel the literature itself is in danger because of these issues, the work will not be accepted.

For a quicker response, please follow some simple guidelines:

  • Edit for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, etc.
  • Submit through email with a separate document.
  • Please include a short bio, no more than 200 words.
  • We will check for plagiarizing, so no stealing, please. That’s just rude.
  • Anyone who does not follow these guidelines will be rejected.

Flash Fiction: Authors can submit up to three works of flash fiction at a time. (Word count: 250-1,000)

What we look for: We want a moment in time, a tiny story, or a description that leaves the reader thinking for the rest of the day. We want a way for readers to escape, to think, and to start conversations. We want our flash fiction to hit like a punch to the head. Think paradigm shifts in a fleeting second, that image that sticks in your brain, or that weird family secret.

Fiction and Essays: Authors can submit up to no less than two pages and no more than thirty-five pages of work. (Word count: 1,001-5,000)

What we look for: We want the stories that leave the reader thinking for a long time afterward. The kinds of stories they remember years down the road. We look for the stories that are well written, interesting, and new. We don’t mind cliche ideas, as long as there’s a twist. We want stories that others can read and enjoy. Maybe escape in for a while.

Poetry: We’ll accept up to five poems at a time.

What we look for: We want poetry that tells a story or makes a statement. Yeah, the cool thing right now is no rhyme scheme or meter, but we love that so send it anyway. Think the sublime or an awakening. Think about that little nursery rhyme that frightened you as a child.


Email us at with the necessary requirements.

The Ginger Collect retains First North American Serial Rights to any works submitted and published on our site. We ask that if your piece is republished elsewhere that The Ginger Collect receives due credit as the first publisher. We do not accept previously published works. (Copyright is expensive, man.)