Monthly Minis Guidelines

So, what are our Monthly Minis? 

Monthly Minis are small monthly issues made up of one piece per genre. They’ll be released at the end of each month, allowing you time to find a piece, or write a piece, that coincides with that month’s theme. All themes will be announced through social media as well as our main page. All themes will be determined using a deck of tarot cards for 2018.

To submit a Monthly Mini, be sure to specify in the subject and the body of the email that the work you’re submitting is meant for that publication. If it’s not specified, we will automatically assume it’s been submitted for our quarterly publication.

If your piece isn’t chosen for that month, we’ll offer you the option of including it in our quarterly submissions.

Only one piece per month may be submitted. This means one piece total, not one piece per genre. We want all your focus and hard work to go into one piece.

The theme for the months of April-May is: Ghost stories passed down through the generations.


We’re extending the date because we decided to change the subject. And, we just love ghost stories. And we know you do, too. So, send in your best ghost stories passed down through your family, in any form you think fits best. You can draw or photograph a scene, you can write a sonnet to the ghost, or you can write out the story. Make sure you adhere to the guidelines!

General guidelines per genre:


  • 1 poem
  • In separate document: .doc, .docx, .pdf.
  • No longer than 80 lines.

Flash Fiction:

  • 1 flash fiction
  • In separate document: .doc, .docx, .pdf.
  • No longer than 1,000 words.

For all poetry and flash fiction submissions, email with “Monthly Mini” in subject line.



  • 1 fiction
  • In separate document: .doc, .docx, .pdf.
  • No longer than 5,000 words.


  • 1 essay
  • In separate document: .doc, .docx, .pdf.
  • No longer than 5,000 words.

For all fiction and essay submissions, email with “Monthly Mini” in subject line.



  • 1 photgraph
  • In separate document: .png, .pdf, .tiff, .jpeg.
  • 150 dpi


  • 1 illustration
  • In separate document: .png, .pdf, .tiff, .jpeg.
  • 150 dpi

For all photography and illustration submissions, email with “Monthly Mini” in subject line.


As always, if the work submitted depicts pornographic images, racism, or overtly political themes and images we will reject it. If the work submitted depicts sexual violence against women, children, AND men, we will reject it and possibly report it. This is to preserve the nature and atmosphere of the magazine as well as protect our writers and readers.


The Ginger Collect retains First North American Serial Rights to any works submitted and published on our site. We ask that if your piece is republished elsewhere that The Ginger Collect receives due credit as the first publisher. We do not accept previously published works. (Copyright is expensive, man.)

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