Russ Lydzinski

russ lydzinskiI absolutely loved the ending, how things shifted so intensely from how they had been. It was like watching Scully and Mulder grow up. Do you think they’ve both really, truly changed? Or do you think they still harbor some of their past habits or beliefs?  
I believe Greta has changed. She started questioning the government line even as she worked to unveil the aliens, and then she quit the job because the government propaganda ran counter to what she discovered in her own experience. Matt, on the other hand appears to follow the accepted viewpoint, so if it were to change again, he may too. We don’t know for sure, though, because we never get into his head.

This piece really says a lot about how we treat others, especially once we realize they may be different from us in a way that makes us uncomfortable. It’s nice seeing the growth in these characters. In the end, who did you feel like you related to more?
Greta, definitely, because she thinks for herself and in the end, acts on her beliefs.

I have to ask-why did the heart rate of the aliens increase the way it did?
It’s an involuntary sexual reaction the aliens have when they come in contact with a human of the opposite sex.

Do you have any previously published pieces you’re particularly proud of?
“The Hideaway” is published at  Also, “The Autumn Cottage,” a shorter piece, is at


You can read Russ Lydzinski’s new piece “Birdsong at Daybreak” in Issue Nine of The Ginger Collect!

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