Sravani Singampalli

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Sravani Singampalli

Do you have a favorite line or lines from your pieces?
My favourite lines from this poem are the last 4 lines.

“Praying to god
To save my life
Reassured to discover my reality
As I opened my eyes.”

Who is your most influential writer? Who do you always go back to for inspiration?
I like the works of many writers and poets such as William Wordsworth and Lorca.

What season do you find you write the most in?
I find all the seasons interesting and don’t choose any season in particular. Every season has its own beauty.

What is your ideal writing environment?
I usually like to write just before I sleep and sometimes during early morning hours. I enjoy writing all forms of poetry.


You can read Sravani Singampalli’s piece “A Macabre Dream” in Issue Five of The Ginger Collect.

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