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Kiley Creekmore

Who is your most influential writer? Who do you always go back to for inspiration?
I have many, but at this moment I’m in the mood to re-read some works of Anais Nin. So I will pick her  right now. She has this way of encasing realities and truths with ocean waves, and they swirl around in your brain building up momentum and wonderful crashes.  Under A Glass Bell has beautiful short stories that could also be seen as wonderful nebulous poems.

What inspired your pieces?
Queen of Cups was inspired by some heart hurt that I was experiencing at the time (and me thinking of myself as the Queen of  Cups from a tarot deck, silly Pisces girl that I am), and it was kind of a therapy to myself to give myself hope.  The Lovers In Galway Bay started out  as me imagining these two mermaids as these monsters that ravaged a bay, and I wanted it to be different from how most people imagine mermaids to be.

What seasons do you find you write the most in?
I find that I write the most in winter and early spring.

What do you want readers to take away from your pieces?
Maybe a type of duality, or that nothing is hardly ever as it seems.

What is your ideal writing environment?
A quiet place surrounded my books and a cup of coffee.

Do you find writing invigorating or exhausting?
I often find it invigorating. When I’m really excited about an idea that has just popped into my brain I’m motivated to continue working on it until it is mostly shaped right.  It’s sometimes exhausting when an idea pops into my brain when I’m lying down in the dark trying to get sleep, and I just have to jot down these ideas into my notes on my phone before I lose them.

Do you have any future writing plans?
Yes!  I am definitely working on more poetry and I am trying to piece together a chapbook.


You can read Kiley Creekmore’s pieces “Queen of Cups” and “The Lovers in Galway Bay” in Issue Five of The Ginger Collect.

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