The Lovers in Galway Bay

Lona strokes Nini
shoulder down to tail; rhythmic
paths retelling her love
for her Nini. Strokes that
find scales, ligneous, and
weak- falling, floating away
with the currents.  She pretends
not to notice, hums in Nini’s
ear, patiently works out the seaweed
woven through her now lank barbed locks.
A certain kind of sea sickness
taking her Nini slowly away from her.
Lona could feel the loneliness
seeping into her; unfiltered, already,
nibbling chunks of heart like a piranha.
She whispers to Nini they will have
many more moons together. This she vows.
Come twilight, and Lona is feigning the flailing.
The man on the beach
saw the girl with the beautiful hair drowning.
Now he’s the one drowning in her hair.
She is lucky with her catch today.
He has big beautiful bones.
Nini weakly sucks the morrow out of his walking bones; she
can now swim a little while longer.


Kiley Creekmore


Kiley Creekmore is a writer residing somewhere in the universe with cats. Her poetry has most recently been published in Street Light Press,  Tailfins & Sealskins: An Anthology of Water Lore, and Full Moon & Foxglove: An Anthology of Witches & Witchcraft.

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