Rat Shawarma

My boss pays me in wraps
of rat shawarma, tells me he’s cutting me
a deal. He tells me soon
I’ll be as wide as I am tall, soon
I’ll become a skin wheel. I’ve only ever
seen him rolling away
eating cigarettes with pockets of hot glue. His wife is a pin
dropping in the middle of the night
and piercing the hungry rats exploring
their kitchen without an atlas. All through
the moondance, the dead rodents become an example
for the other hunting teeth with reddened eyes. In the morning,
his wife removes the stab wounds like that one sword
in that one rock, and fixes her son fried rat legs
for breakfast, telling him to swallow
all of the bones, saying, “the bones help us hiss.”


Ben Niespodziany 


Benjamin Niespodziany is a left-handed librarian at the University of Chicago, juggling his time between book fines and processing replacement copies. In his free time, he runs a multimedia blog known as neonpajamas where he hosts a radio broadcast, curates an instrumental record label, and interviews his art heroes. Back in December, Niespodziany released a free chapbook of prose poetry and lined fables known as Dress Code Aquarium. He has since had work published in Occulum, Luna Luna, Ghost City Press, Memoir Mixtapes, tenderness, yea, and more. Niespodziany spent two years in Ecuador as a Peace Corps volunteer and has lived in Chicago ever since, where he shares an apartment with his girlfriend and their imaginary dog, Schlimby.

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