Rickey Rivers, Jr.

Ricky Rivers JrIs there one subject you feel you return to in your writing?
Probably the concept of flight. Being able to get up and take flight at any time.

How do you feel about traditional poems and free verse? Which do you feel fits the present time? Can the coincide within one poem? 
Traditional poems can be fun and so can the stream of conscious free form style or free form that worries not about rhyme or structure. The present time can be either or, as either or fits. As long as you’re able to get in what you want. There are no rules to this and no one can teach you how to do poetry, only the form/structure of such. Form/structure is great but it’s also great to color outside those lines. Make what you want out of your poetry. If grass is traditionally green, painting it blue won’t change the overall picture. We still know the grass is grass (poetry is poetry) but you putting blue on it is your own personal touch to the overall piece. That’s what you contributed. That’s what you decided it should be. Freedom is my favorite thing about poetry. Let your inner child decide the grass color. A kid knows they’re coloring grass. They just chose to color it blue. Apply that to your poetry. And yes, traditional and free can coincide within one poem. Some of mine tend to do that. The mind goes where it goes. Who are you to tame it?

What do you feel is the most important thing about poetry and its dialogue with the community at large?
The most important thing? I’d say it being able to connect us to each other by way of bridges and tug of war like metaphors formed from the words we write down. In other words, the importance lies in the different perspectives we experience through reading and us being able to see how easily we can connect to people in other languages, of other cultures, sexes, etc. It’s like being able to feel another person’s heart and mind. Sometimes we share those experiences, sometimes we don’t. Regardless, we’re able to see how others feel/felt about situations that we may never encounter, dreams we may never have, and relationships we wish (not) to have.

“Hidden Church” was very wild! Where did you get these images from? How did you feel when writing this specific poem?
First off, thank you. In rereading the poem, it doesn’t seem very wild to me. The images? I don’t know actually. I suppose that’s a boring answer. I guess I was thinking of some sort of church of women with a horror tinge. I remember the poem (along with others), were specifically written for a publication wanting speculative poems and soon this poem (along with others) came to mind. The images are certainly interesting and honestly I wish I had a better answer for you. I write a lot. I wrote a lot.

I wrote… A LOT.

I felt good writing this and other speculative poems. It’s a nice avenue to go down. Speculative anything is always interesting especially when reality slips in and out fluidly. Not that there are any such churches…

Do you have any previously published pieces you’re particularly proud of?
As of now the date is pending but it’s a story titled Pre-Birth Soul Agreement, forthcoming in Stupefying  Stories. I really like the concept.

Also the story Silver, published in Enchanted Conversation Magazine (Under the Moonlight Issue) http://www.fairytalemagazine.com/2018/10/silver-by-rickey-rivers-jr.html

As far as poetry, I have work forthcoming in Royal Rose Magazine and Pink Plastic House as well.


You can read Rickey Rivers, Jr.’s pieces “Hidden Church” and “Satan’s Mask” in Issue Eight of The Ginger Collect!

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