Raymond Gibson

Raymond GibsonIs there one subject you feel you return to in your writing?
Time seems to be an unavoidable subject. With it comes death, loss, grief, and most other themes.

How do you feel about traditional poems and free verse? Which do you feel fits the present time? Can they coincide within one poem? 
I appreciate both. Free verse and prose poetry sprang up around the same time. I think all forms are perennial and current as long as they pair well with the content. Not only can they, but they already have: as far back as Novalis’s Hymns to the Night and Rimbaud’s A Season in Hell even.

This poem has a very visceral feeling. Do you care to tell us where you went to find this work?
The first time I couldn’t picture something was about a year into taking antidepressants two decades ago. I’m completely aphantasic now. It’s been rough. I used to be a visual thinker: being on the autistic spectrum meant thinking by daydreams for me. It’s been a bit like writing with your non-dominant hand, only instead of writing it’s thinking.

What do you consider most challenging when it comes to poetry?
Personally, I have a hard time with meter. In general, I’d say translating verse between languages; it’s vital work that needs to be done more.

Do you have any previously published pieces you’re particularly proud of?


You can read Raymond Gibson’s piece “Aphantasia” in Issue Eight of The Ginger Collect!

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