Forward//Lauren Hamm

I first approached Rob to write a piece on a popular alien abduction that occurred around Christmas time in the mid 20th century. It was one with a humorous detail that we’d discussed and I thought it would be good for our last issue of the year, one that usually falls just four days before Christmas. Rob’s research and insight into some of the better known, and least known alien abduction cases, as well as alien encounters offers some pretty funny takes on otherwise terrifying situations and sometimes, we feel our readers could use a good laugh. Rob is a pretty funny guy. Rob also has a huge heart.

Shortly afterwards, Rob told me about his mother’s cancer, as well as how long she had on this earth. This changed things quite a bit for Rob, affecting almost everything including his own podcast, Our Strange Skies. The focus of the piece shifted with her passing to one that discusses the connection between our own lives and the music we’re raised with. This is a topic we’ve talked to our readers about before, both in writer interviews and over twitter. Music is important. Family is doubly important. These two factors in our lives help build or demolish our creativity as writers.

Rob’s piece “My Memories with Teeth” reduced me to tears both times I read it. It’s not the strangest thing we’ve published…but maybe it is strange in that it’s one person attempting to reconcile with Death, someone whose whole “life” goal is to take from others. Someone many of our stories are about. Someone many of us have already encountered and loathe to reconcile with. This piece is important.


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