Editor’s Note

A Look Back 

When Lauren and I started shooting ideas of The Ginger Collect, we had never thought that it would have made it this far. Don’t get me wrong, we both wanted and believed in our cause to give open to the weird, strange, and new age. But we had no idea what we were doing or how we were supposed to do any of it. And here we are. We’re still small and we are usually drowning in work and frantically writing texts to one another only to realize that we’re okay and everything is in order.  

But a few things have happened this year that I never could have imagined happened. The first being that we were able to expand our repertoire to visual art when we hired Jon (THAT SWEET BOY) to become our judge to visual art. And I have to say, it’s been wonderful to see that we’re accessible to another type of artists. We’re all one in the same and I think the splash of visual art is a great addition. AND JON. JON THAT SWEET BOY. JUST GO LOOK AT HIS PICTURE. SOMEONE GO TO HIS HOUSE RIGHT NOW AND MAKE HIM A PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH. 

As we progressed through the year, we realized that the three of us were really, really, really, really fucking bad at social media. Lauren was on her game most of the time while Jon and I would wander out from our rocks and hiss at the sun and scurry back inside. With the poetry position, it was a little too much. So, we went silent online and I could tell it worried all three of us, but we were so weird that we couldn’t just fix it.  

That’s where Brittany came in as the social media manager. When we hired her, she fit in so well that we couldn’t imagine running the journal without her. She has breathed life into our journal and created a visual and social media presence that the three of us before Brittany, would have never had been able to handle. On top of that, she has decided to pick up non-fiction to lessen the burden. This way we can focus more on each individual subject. 

And today, earlier, I wrote a horribly emotional group text that was embarrassing but necessary. ESPECIALLY FOR THAT SWEET BOY JON. The other amazing thing that I would have NEVER imagined (besides a Sasquatch themed wedding with Jon) is that we held our very first contest with guest judges. Do you know how amazing that felt? That we were able to GIVE writers money for writing? I think that’s dope, yo.  

But none of this could have ever happened if it weren’t for our readers and supporters. I love all of you. You are beautiful people that deserve only happiness and kindness in your life. And if the four of us could do that for you by continuing this journal, we’re going to try as hard as we can. Because this place isn’t nice and sometimes people aren’t going to be so nice because we all forget who and where we are. We forget the time we’ve got.  

Remember that we’re here for you.  

Just reach out.  

One of us will listen.

– Patrick

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