Nothing Remains Of//Jessie Lynn McMains

Winner of the Halloween 2018 Contest – Poetry


Mary was young. Mary was hitchhiking. Mary was

Her body was elk. Her body was a bridge. Her body was

murdered. Mary was gold. Mary was the road. Mary was

found. Her body was February. Her body was the body of

morning. Mary was open. Mary was pink. Mary was

Mary K. Schlais. Her body was the vehicle. Her body was

pretty. Mary was early. Mary was blond. Mary was

a license. Her body was the crime scene. Her body was

glowing. Mary was stabbed. Mary was sexual. Mary was

white. Her body was identified. Her body was

manmade. Mary was electric. Mary was fertile. Mary was

a garden. Her body was food. Her body was the Fall. Her body

twisted. Mary was now. Mary was a horse. Mary.

was assaulted. Her body was haunted.

Mary is a ghost. Mary is a cold case. Mary cannot be

Her body was her fate. Her body was art. Her body was

released. Mary is the river. Mary is a shadow. Mary is

an atlas. Her body was a tribe. Her body was

a vision. Mary is elusive. Mary is paranormal. Mary

the chase. Her body was a poker game. Her body

lingers. Mary is lore. Mary is intangible. Mary

was a valentine. Her body was her killer. Her body

is unsolved. Mary is waiting. Mary echoes. Mary

is the water. Her body is a city or a lake. Her body

was crying. Mary was alive. Mary was once. Mary

remains. Her body is the landscape. Her body

was eliminated. Mary was vanishing. Mary

has been removed. Her body is the air. Her body

was gone. Mary

is the darkness. Her body screams. Her body

was an anonymous letter. Mary

is a mystery. Her body is numerous. Her body.

was someone. Mary was.
*this is a found poem. source text: and

 Jessie Lynn McMains is a poet, writer, zine-maker, and small press owner; a collector of souvenir pennies and stick & poke tattoos. Her words have recently appeared or are forthcoming in ISAcoustic, Awkward Mermaid, Wyrd & Wyse, Juke Joint, Occulum, and others; she’s also a contributing writer for Pussy Magic. You can find her website at, or find her on Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram @rustbeltjessie



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