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A New Ginger

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new Ginger in town. Unfortunately, I’m only a ginger in spirit. You might be asking yourself, “If he’s not a ginger, won’t the name have to change? Won’t everything have to change?” Nope, it’ll still be the same… Continue Reading “A New Ginger”

Jeff Vandermeer’s Annihilation and the Mystery Box

We’ve all felt it before, the anticipation as we watch numerous characters in a movie fall victim to an offscreen monster. Wondering what exactly this monster looks like and how horrible it will be. It’s a play on our fear of the unknown, which… Continue Reading “Jeff Vandermeer’s Annihilation and the Mystery Box”

Insert Inspirational Quote: How Exercise Influenced Writing

Wait a gosh darned minute here! You may be shouting. This isn’t an exercise blog and you need to get your garbage out of my face! But I beg you, my sweet summer children, to hear me out and just follow along. This does… Continue Reading “Insert Inspirational Quote: How Exercise Influenced Writing”

The Magic of Storytelling Podcasts

Anybody who knows me personally knows I love podcasts. I subscribe to several, listen to them weekly, and I try to interact with the creators on Twitter as much as possible just to let them know I’m listening to their work. Kind of like… Continue Reading “The Magic of Storytelling Podcasts”

Rules of the Game (Revised)

I brood on things that wouldn’t matter much for the sane and normal. This conclusion is momentous because it’s been a long road of self-denial, binge eating, and rapid cat petting. But now, I’ve accepted that sometimes I get worked up over things that… Continue Reading “Rules of the Game (Revised)”

What are you listening to? What are you writing?

Music has always been a huge inspiration for most of my writing. Growing up, I kept a little blue mp3 full of music that either reminded me of what I was currently writing or planning to write. It always amazed me that one song… Continue Reading “What are you listening to? What are you writing?”

A short on a short.

Now I’ve been mired in academia most of my short and horrible life. So, when I talk about writing I picture myself sitting in a room with a fancy smoking jacket surrounded by the classics. The pauses that I take are either when I… Continue Reading “A short on a short.”

Editor’s New Blog

Periodically we’ll be releasing small pieces pertaining to what we’re reading, why we like it, why we consider it writing fodder, and sometimes what we’re listening to. This will be the dedicated page for these posts. Meet the Editors: Lauren E. Hamm Editor –… Continue Reading “Editor’s New Blog”