Katy Telling

No. 19

Deterred, though I continue to seek the
Mortal mind inspired to interpret the
ancient commands percolating through the
psyche from which I rise, full formed, and freshly flushed.

Sowing an intricately pencil shaded human heart
Mincing cartoon anatomy across blue lines,
“Thanks again!” penned carefully in a corner.
Ironic, I assume.

Forget your engineered perceptions and
Awake to my automatic, water-centric, fundamental,
female power. Tailor your thoughts to a closer sense
That art collectors will never see.

The physical mark of the end of fluid influence amuses.
It settles and dissipates like an intoxicating mushroom
cloud, infecting mere mortals and inevitable
followed by a fleeting explosion of gore.


Katy Telling is a poet and collage artist raised in New Jersey and currently living in New England. Follow her on Twitter or Tumblr @PoeticRituals for art and poetry, or look for updates on her upcoming digital poetry chapbook, @Frozenwaves.

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