Under a Graveyard Sun

Sunset Hill Cemetery, Valdosta, Georgia

I picnic among the graves
graves like stone pages chiseled from a book
a book read by blind eyes in an abattoir
an abattoir filled with the fallen
the fallen from so many wars
wars that men have forgotten
forgotten plagues that return
return like the prodigal son
the son fearing no welcome awaits
awaits his moment to break in like a burglar
a burglar now to a home once his own
owns his surprise to find a hospitable space
space enough to begin killing anew
a new blood innocent of his lethal touch
touch we have to greet as familiar
familiar like the lullabies their mothers sang
sang as they lowered them to their graves
graves scattered like leaves from a granite book
book that I read under a moss-draped oak
oak that I lean against as I picnic
picnic under a graveyard sun.


Beatriz F. Fernandez’s chapbook, Shining from a Different Firmament (Finishing Line Press, 2015), was featured at the Miami Book Fair International last year. She’s a former grand prize winner of the Writer’s Digest poetry award and Pushcart nominee; recent credits include Thirty West Publishing House, FLARE: the Flagler Review, Stonecoast Review, and Words Dance. Contact and updates: www.beasbooks.blogspot.com or @nebula61.

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