what anonymous & homeless ghosts look like?

but being a ghost is an uncomfortable thing. maybe if
we learn to chew or speak with our mouths open, we
might let the ghost become a tongue. and even call it
evo-lution from non-existent & non-binary.

and when it is 2100 hours, & everyone is going back
to a lake house, i realise i should return to a certain
grave. where graves have names and i don’t. and that
is when i learn to breathe with my toenails standing
under fading purple lights, searching for my identity
on wiki-pedia, before looking up my antiques on
google. |hot-photos-ofnameless-homeless-ghost-in-pink

sometimes i put a sugar cube in my mouth to see if it
will dissolve. and then i realised i’m a ghost with a ghost
voice suffering from ghastliness of my own apparition.
and all that i would do
to become some shadow under the lamppost.
and being a ghost
is an
but the hardest part
about being a ghost is that
 ghosts don’t exist.

Tanya Singh


Tanya Singh is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of The Cerurove. Their work has appeared, or is forthcoming in Literary Orphans, Black Napkin Press, The Slag Review, Star 82 Review, among others. They live in India. 

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