The Plague

Poor Anneliese Michel,
possessed by
she died in her bed,
emaciated and insane.
A beautiful
young girl
gone too soon.
But I can
the night terrors,
the sweats,
the flashing pangs
of fear.
I’ve been
plagued by
my own evil spirits.
I drank them
at punk shows
seedy bars.
There was
never enough
beer to
drown out
the voices.
They crept up
on me
like a nightmare,
like a thief
in the night,
like poor Annaliese,
alone and
in her tiny bedroom.

R. J. Zeman


R.J. Zeman is a poet from Dunedin, Florida. He is a graduate of the 2007 Creative Writing program at F.S.U. More of his work can be found at

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