The Lost Princess

It started when war threatened the land
He came here to help, you must understand
But I had to offer myself in exchange,
To my new captor, so my people saved

I am a princess, so pure and so true
So he took me away with things to do
Gave my father, a truly wicked smile.
Evil and heartless he seemed at the time

He gave unto me a big list of tasks
I looked at them all and they made me gasp!
I broke a glass, he didn’t even mind
When we were alone, he was sweet and kind

I fell for him slow; I fell for him sweet
I even took pleasure making him tea
Tore down the curtains, so he’d see the sun
My love for him had most surely begun

He gave me a rose, and told me to go
To buy straw at the market down the road
I left with sorrow, leave him behind
But I also had my freedom in mind

I ran back to him hearing witch’s words:
“One true love’s kiss will take away the curse!”
But when I tried to, he pushed me away,
Screamed, thinking it was a trick that I played

He thought that I conspired with the witch
To take his powers with a deadly kiss
I knew nothing of such a horrid plot
But he told me to leave, without a thought

I walked that long, mis’rable journey home
Now I am not welcome there anymore
I adored the man who tricked my father
I adored the man who was my captor

Father threw me straight into the dungeons
Though I reminded him that I love him
But he had nothing more that he could say
All he could do was look and walk away

I cry in my cell, I cry in my sleep
For all the love I lost and none I could keep
When I take my life, all he’ll ever have
Is an empty heart and a broken glass

Jen Hughes


Jen Hughes is a writer from Ayrshire, Scotland. She has been furiously scribbling ideas and writing elaborate stories from as early as age seven but hasn’t started putting her work out there until a few years ago. She has been published on various online journals such as Oletangy Review, Minus Paper and Pulp Metal Magazine. She also has her own website which has an up-to-date portfolio of short works: Jen is currently studying English Literature and Film &TV Studies in Glasgow.

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