Tempting As It May Be

The devils hand weighs heavy
Upon my shoulder

Cold breath on my neck
Chills me to the core

But to be perfectly honest
I see the appeal
Of anarchy
Of chaos

A revolution against man
A revolution against God

Marc D Brown


Marc D Brown is a poet & author born in 1985 from York, UK.
Marc has previously published two books, both available on Amazon ‘Words of Marc D Brown’ & ‘The Lost Art of Self’.
Both books received 5 stars and amazing in depth reviews from readersfavorite.com.
His style of writing is often described as “brutal” and “honest”, this seems to be what his readers connect to, covering topics ranging from love, life, death, addiction and many more.
Rich Follet from readersfavorite.com described him as the “poetic everyman” and that “In refreshing contrast to the legion of self-impressed poets who tout their own merits with pompous audacity, Marc D Brown approaches his muse with humility and gratitude.”

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