Kevin What a Hero

Kevin, what a hero
Laid down his life for me
He let the zombies catch&eat him
So I could get off free

It wasn’t very easy, mind
To persuade him to be tough
I had to tie him to a lamppost
& I think I was quite rough

Though I survived I often have
Some awful, awful dreams
All about poor Kevin
& his frightful piercing screams.



Though better known as Light&Dark (@Light&DarkWords) I  live and teach, under a psuedonym, just outside the Lake District in the UK.  Although I have written small amounts of poetry over the last 20 years it is only since a hospital admission in Feb 2017 that the output has soared.  I think a poetry chip was inserted along with the other stuff they did.

I like my poems when they tend to the macabre and sinister but really they write themselves so it is the luck of the draw.  Please don’t ask me what they mean. Your guess will be as good as mine.

I have a wife 3 children and a dog and love them all in no particular order. 

When I grow up I want to be retired

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