Idle Reconstruction

As I stroll along this lonesome shoreline,
I stumble upon a decaying dock:
With rusting nails and abundant beach vine,
The wood is stained with gangrene and hemlock.
No feet can the nature-bound structure bare;
The slightest pressure atop will destroy.
Alas, where are the kind hands that give care?
Not in this small village— tis all a ploy!
As I passed public hall the night before,
I heard a chorus of joyless voices.
While some wanted to replace the “eyesore,”
Others desired to expand the choices.
When Man’s shameless hands build for their own sake,
Through their betrayal will Nature remake.

Skyler Thayer


With a Bachelor’s Degree in English, Skyler Jon Thayer is a graduate from Stony Brook University. He is a columnist for the Great South Bay Magazine, a local Long Island publication. His poem, “An Hour,” can be found in Route 7 Review’s Issue V – 2017. Furthermore, his sonnet, “An Unforgettable Scene Beneath the Moonlight,” will be published by Thurston Howl Publications for an anthology, Wolf Warriors IV: Wolves of Light and Shadow. Additionally, another sonnet, “Autumn’s Breeze,” has been selected by Weasel Press for publication in Ordinary Madness, which will be published this October.

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