Poetry About Monsters

my coffin
worms crawl in
I eat ‘em


my transformation
each and every new full moon
please, friend, stay away


all my twisted deeds
hunger never satisfied
these blood-red full moons


a full moon’s caress
my gravesite
beginning to stir


shape-shifters at play
trying to be the other…
whose snarling is whose?


the hungry motel
always with a vacancy
loves to chew on fear


ogre in my blood
born into a haunted house
flirting with the dead


this mirror image
pointed fangs and cat-slit eyes
I hardly know me


let them seek the vile ogre
I’m a shapeshifter


skin like fly-paper
people don’t come near me now
those that do, can’t leave
haunted nighttime streets


sleeping peacefully
noisy neighbors quiet now
I’ve removed their heads


squalling from a shelf in
the library’s fantasy section,
a miniature ogre frantically
seeks the story he was
pulled from while trying
to bite a reader’s finger,
a reader who happens to be
the local sorcerer (that’s me)
with my own agenda for
small, misplaced monsters


spiked hairdo
a head-butt impales
the playground bully

— —


Vultures croaking from above us
‘come on, come on, it’s time to eat,
we’ve plenty of rotting meat!’

awakened, my whole family,
stretching our pinions wide

rising from the graveyard,
yelping, away we all glide.


last journal entry,
found with remnants
of my missing
uncles body:
‘well, we’ve proven
silver bullets
do not work’


our elevator
arrives from lower levels
packed full of zombies


waking this morning
burping memories of you
need to floss the fangs


grandma and I follow
wolf prints around the barn. . .
walking in circles

ayaz daryl nielsen


ayaz daryl nielsen, veteran, hospice nurse, ex-roughneck (as on oil rigs) lives in Longmont, Colorado, USA.  Editor of bear creek haiku (26+ years/140+ issues) with poetry published worldwide (and deeply appreciated), he also is online at:  bear creek haiku     poetry, poems and info

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