March in Michigan

The ground is tough to bury any bodies this time of the year.

The coordination of successful planning is formidable. Early June is when people can be seen out there with their loved ones digging their grave. It’s best after a week of early summer rain. Nine outta ten times it’s still snowing some in April, otherwise everyone would start earlier to get it over with.

If you could help it, one would hold out as long as possible and wait till July to die, not to inconvenience anyone. We all try.

Sometimes you can’t go on any longer though, even as much as you want. It’s one’s time.

There’s real meaning in acceptance.

You’re half in this world and half in the other. Nothing to do now but let the soul take over is what faith says for us to do.

Sadly we have it backwards, most of the time in this situation the person dying is just looked at as old and that’s that. What a scary silent way to die. On an evolutionary timeline you’d think we would have figured out more by now.

One cold morning way out in only natural sound you know why you are there. It was mid-March and the ground was frozen and it was snowing as it is.

Jack Buck


Jack C. Buck lives and teaches in Denver, Colorado. He can be reached on Twitter @Jack_C_Buck

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