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What is your favorite line from your piece featured in The Ginger Collect?

“Ruby was not about to complain about a good, clean restroom with operational plumbing and a pleasant, just-washed scent, but honest to god, what was with these people who pouted, as the stiletto woman in front of her did, when told the grab-and-go pasta entrees were not available in gluten-free pesto, and the cheesesteak was not made with certifiably free range beef.”


Who is your most beloved author?

This question is essentially impossible for me to answer. I have no memories from time before I learned to read, and books (plus their authors) have always been my best friends. One of my all-time favorite authors (and heroes) is Congressman John Lewis. His March triology is fantastic and twice I was able to meet him briefly in the book signing lines at the National Book Festival in DC. I was so nervous that I have no idea what I said, but I got to shake his hand and I was thrilled! One of my current favorite authors is Anne Lamott, because I recently finished one of her books and am obsessed with it.


Do you have a favorite quote from this author?

Pretty much the entirety of Lamott’s newest book, Rediscovering Mercy. I tell everyone to read it, including strangers.


What inspired your piece?

So many things!

1) I spent one summer as a hotel maid. Never before or since have I had such a physically demanding job. It taught me a lot about human behavior and the importance of showing respect to those who do this kind of work.

2) My wife always says I am not good at waiting, and she is right. Thankfully, she likes to grocery shop so I do not have to stand in those lines. But when I am out and about, I cannot stand being behind people who have two million questions and are oblivious to the growing lines behind them. (Waiting in the book signing line to see John Lewis was not a problem, however.)

3) I wear a bra in public to be socially acceptable, but would love to be like Ruby and just leave the darn thing at home.


You can read Sarah Bigham’s piece in Issue Three of The Ginger Collect: Convenience.

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