Mark Dixon

What is your favorite line from your piece featured in The Ginger Collect?

Skin on skin, a hand slipping inside another, like a mother taking a child, like a father leading, like a lover.


Who is your most beloved author?

My favourite author has to be Richard Brautigan. I just love his simplicity, his ability to produce complex ideas through repetition and concision, the gentle touch of his  and his grasp of how beautiful yet slender life is.


Do you have a favorite quote from this author?

My favourite Brautigan line has to be : The drunk told me about troutfishing. When he could talk, he had a way of describing trout as if they were a precious and intelligent metal.


What inspired your piece?

I was inspired to write the piece after my wife’s grandfather died. He was a much loved man, someone who had tried really hard to do good with his life, and a lot of people wanted to be with him when he passed away so they could give something back. I had also been reading about the way in which our bodies shut down after death – how our sensations might remain attuned or how they shut down. I also wondered whether it was possible to write something that explored the world through the sensation of touch alone – I love those sorts of challenges.


You can read Mark Dixon’s piece in Issue Three of The Ginger Collect: Degage.

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