Marc D Brown


What is your favorite line from your featured piece in The Ginger Collect?

“A revolution against man – a revolution against God!”


Who is your most beloved author?

I’m a strange one to be honest as I have read work from a few poets such as William Blake to Charles Bukowski but I don’t have a favourite author.

Lyrics are my thing…a lot of people just think it’s part of a song but for me it’s so much more so I’m heavily inspired by the words & music of bands like Tool, Every Time I Die, Will Haven, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Norma Jean etc.


Do you have a favorite quote from this author?

Not as such but one of my all time favourite lines from one of the above mentioned artists would be “I’m the one who built that cross and weighed you down”

I think it’s such a deep, heavy & perfect line that can be interpreted however the reader takes it.

(It’s from Norma Jean – Robots 3 Humans 0)


What inspired your piece?

The inspiration was the feeling that everyone has in them…to go against the grain and do what makes you happy and pushes you. With the state of the world today, who doesn’t want to revolt against something?


You can read Marc D Brown’s piece in Issue Three of The Ginger Collect: Tempting As It May Be.


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