Anna O’Brien


What is your favorite line from your piece featured in The Ginger Collect?



Who is your most beloved author?

Margaret Atwood. I’ve loved her since I first read “The Handmaid’s Tale” in college. She’s seriously smart, thoughtful, a science lover, and has a wicked sense of humor. Plus those cheekbones. I mean, they look like they could cut like a knife.


Do you have a favorite quote from this author?

Yes. It’s from my second favorite novel of Atwood’s, Oryx and Crake: “Soon, said the artists, ignoring him, there would be nothing left but a series of long subterranean tubes covering the surface of the planet. The air and light inside them would be artificial, the ozone and oxygen layers of Planet Earth having been totally destroyed. People would creep along through this tubing, single file, stark naked, their only view the asshole of the one before them in the line, their urine and excrement flowing down through vents in the floor, until they were randomly selected by a digitalized mechanism, at which point they would be sucked into a side tunnel, ground up, and fed to the others through a series of nipple-shaped appendages on the inside of the tube. The system would be self-sustaining and perpetual, and would serve everybody right.”


What inspired your piece?

I have no clue. I was sitting at the kitchen table last winter, eating breakfast. It was cold out and bam—an image of people’s bodies forming letters on the ground in an attempt to communicate with those above them popped into my mind and I went from there. I promise I don’t do drugs.


You can read Anna O’Brien’s piece in Issue Three of The Ginger Collect: Words from the Surface.

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