Month: January 2018

Rules of the Game (Revised)

I brood on things that wouldn’t matter much for the sane and normal. This conclusion is momentous because it’s been a long road of self-denial, binge eating, and rapid cat petting. But now, I’ve accepted that sometimes I get worked up over things that… Continue Reading “Rules of the Game (Revised)”

What are you listening to? What are you writing?

Music has always been a huge inspiration for most of my writing. Growing up, I kept a little blue mp3 full of music that either reminded me of what I was currently writing or planning to write. It always amazed me that one song… Continue Reading “What are you listening to? What are you writing?”

A short on a short.

Now I’ve been mired in academia most of my short and horrible life. So, when I talk about writing I picture myself sitting in a room with a fancy smoking jacket surrounded by the classics. The pauses that I take are either when I… Continue Reading “A short on a short.”